O'Hallorans Lawyers

Style and Approach

At O’Hallorans, we understand that our role is to assist our clients to achieve their business objectives efficiently and in their long-term best interests, on a cost-effective basis.

The 80-plus years of the combined practice experience of the two professionals in the Firm has taught them the benefits of a strategic approach, combining clear thinking and a deep knowledge of the law with a flexible, results-oriented approach to negotiation and legal documentation. In doing so, we work not just for our client, but with our client, to achieve our client’s objectives.

The keynote of the Firm’s practice style are partner-level involvement at all times, without referral or delegation to junior or associate lawyers.

A marker of the success of our approach is that the Firm continues to represent clients for whom it first acted at the Firm’s commencement. Ongoing relationships are not merely a congenial side benefit in a professional practice, but of great benefit to the client, since a deeper understanding of the client’s circumstances and needs promotes efficiency and the achievement of optimal outcomes.

What our approach means in practice for you as the client is that we:

  • listen in order to understand your objectives
  • identify the key legal and commercial issues
  • evaluate with you the available options, assessing benefits against likely cost
  • recommend a course of action and with you plan the strategy, cost-effectively for the client
  • perform the work efficiently, with no duplication or delegation
  • keep you engaged and informed during the course of the work